Tuesday, 10 September 2013

What Are Your Expectations Of An Average 15 Year Old Nigerian?

In an era of poor educational system coupled with continuous face offs between ASUU and the Federal Government, it sure will be a long time before our young ones think this far.
How many people in Nigeria can say they earned their first million before the age of 30?Jaylen Bledsoe did it at the age of 15, a huge feat if you ask me.  
Jaylen Bledsoe
This young American created Bledsoe Technologies at the age of 13, an IT company that specializes in web design and other IT services,  In just over two years, he has managed to expand his small business and is worth $3.5 million. Bledsoe Technologies is run by 2 people and has 150 contract workers.
Jaylen owes his inspiration to his web design class, offered as apart of his school's gifted education program. He plans to attend Harvard University before going on to study copyright law.

Let me ask you a personal question, have you ever evaluated what subjects your kids are taught in school? what do your kids occupy themselves with? ever tried to find out what interests your child apart from cartoon?
Generally,what do you expect from an average 15 years old in our land and clime? 


  1. What a "great feat". We have equally gifted people in Nigeria who are young. Identifying and getting them the required sponsors and sharpening of skills is another!

  2. I have a 12yr Old whom I've noticed is very artistic and fashion conscious so my hubby and I have always supplied her with art materials and when we noticed her interest in fashion we encouraged her to design clothes. Right now she has a notepad full of sketches and to enhance that we have made arrangements for her to learn sewing at my tailor's during the holidays... This is hoping that if every other option fails she would be able to fend for herself in future even if the millions are not in sight

  3. My niece started loving how to dance, play the piano & flute, sing from age 2. and now, she performs at the West End in London. Has actually at age 15, done a performance with Chiwetel Ejiofor & Keira Knightely, both big UK/US actors. And to think both her parents are medical doctors who have accepted that though she is intelligent (got all A+ in her GCSEs), acting is her direction.

    Thats the problem with naija, lack of opportunity to dream and realize dreams

  4. Well, too bad, kids these days watch Nolllywood movies. Most of them have horrible posters with black, white and red colours in their designs. And they copy other movies from hollywood, directly and indirectly. I recently saw a poster of one of the "monstrosities" titled "Game Of Throne"...
    Apart from the usual problem of education and other "naija" issues, the entertainment industry is teaching these kids to Not Be Original. Without originality, no kid can ever hope to be like that millionaire kid you mentioned.
    And worse, kids these days watch soccer more than anything else. They know the names of all the teams in all the continents, but they don't know anything about the periodic table. They know players' names, they don't know any mathematical formula. Hell, they know Ben10 and they don't know... Whatever! Hahahahahahahahahaha
    The Future Is Bleak.
    (That's the title of one of my works in progress, by the way)
    Sypho 1