Saturday, 28 September 2013

[Video] How Do You Bargain Your Salary During An Interview?

At some point, i couldn't watch anymore, i opted to shut my eyes and listen because i not only cringed, i was embarrassed and mortified. How low can one get? What's your most embarrassing moment during an interview?


  1. Crunchy, u no go kill person ooo. Hahahahahah!!!!

  2. This Video went viral two days back like the Oga at the top saga and I couldn't help feeling bad for this guy. Why protect the identity of these people who are bent on bringing his lack of basic knowledge to the fore??

  3. This is acting pure! Search Ndani tv on youtube you will see this same guy doing other interviews like this

    Good acting guy

  4. Crunchy, abeg send me the video on bb