Saturday, 7 September 2013

[Shocking Video] Botched Trek To Europe

  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I watched this video, to think people would actually try this? I know most of you aren’t Igbo and may not understand the narrator but I tried translating it to English. Read below:

                                                              Click on video to play
"If you look at this video, you will see Igbo boys, Nigerian boys, all dead and littered  all over Sahara Desert. These boys made a decision to trek to Europe through Sahara Desert, Niger Republic. There are no trees and no water, and at some point resorted to drinking their urine and at some point that ran out as well. They coudn’t protect themselves from the oppressive sun and therefore dried out , the sun has embalmed them and they can remain in this state for 100 years without decaying.
 Kindly appeal to your friends and relatives not to venture going to Europe through this means. Beware of facilitators of such schemes who are quick to convince you with maps, detailing the proximity between Morocco , Europe and Spain, Italy and Libya therefore making it seem easy to try.
The video you’re watching is the consequence of such harebrained schemes
Most times you have between 50 -100 men starting the journey with less than 5 persons surviving.
A lot of families believe that their sons and brothers are actually in Europe and are still expecting them to get in touch , not knowing that they are actually dead in the desert.
Wherever you are, be it in Nigeria or abroad, remain steadfast and God will bless the work of your hands……"

Need I say more?

I have a grouse with the narrator though, how can he honestly tell that these are Igbos/Nigerians?


  1. I wonder o! Maybe he knew them personally
    Sypho 1

  2. So bad...Trekking to Europe from Nigeria is nothing but trying to commit suicide.

  3. Iwonder how the person that sent this knows that this people are ibos,while majority of people that trek or embark on such risky journey are benin AND OTHER TRIBES in Edo state,and also people from other west african countries like senegal,mali,gambia,etc

  4. Ignorance is indeed a killer! The painful part is that these guys may not have even told their families of such plans... I have a cousin who left for abroad without even telling any of us. He even borrowed my brother's knapsack for that trip. His plan was to call from wherever when he gets there but unfortunately he was sent back from Telaviv airport!!! He didnt even get to see what the outside looked like not to talk of the city.

  5. This is so sad. Unfortunately this still goes on till date. However, it is wrong to assume that these guys are all Nigerians. Some other poor african countries do same. I also hear that some morocan border policemen assasinate some of the guys when found. So not all the deaths are as a result of the extreme weather in the desert.

  6. Estelle send me the video naaa......abi u n mtn never settle?

    1. lol will do, we've settled. meanwhile it's Crunchy, not Estelle. Take note! :)

  7. CrunchyEstelle, yeah, we don settle :p