Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Picture Of The Day: Sobelicious

Name: Gloria Agu
Interests: Fashion & Design
Hobbies: Travelling, Partying, Reading
Rel Status: Inbetween
Dream Job: Fashion Designer/Stylist
Do you believe that the missionary style is the only acceptable and godly style for intercourse: Nope
Ever Done Drugs: No
Beneath The Smiling Face, What Are Your Fears: Being alone
What Part Of You Would You Score Best & Lowest: My eyes the best and hair the lowest
What Brings Out The Ugly In You:  I don't have any ugly part
Are You A Virgin: Ofcourse not!
Describe Your Ideal Guy: Tall, Dark and Handsome, *smiling*
How Do You Know A Guy Likes You: I don't even know when a guy likes me
How Do You Let A Guy Know You Like Him: I smile and giggle at every little thing he says, i keep repeating words constantly *blushing*
Sex On First Date?: I'm indifferent
Marry A Virgin?:  No
Date 2 Guys At Once?: Ofcourse yes
Find Gloria @ Instagram: sobelicious


  1. Just learnt about a kind of relationship: inbetween!

  2. You noticed to @ Ojay, I just learnt about it too. Gloria has a good sense of humour I like her already

  3. Awww...she s sooo pretty and yes she has got a good sense of humour.. Lmao @ inbetween... I like (˘⌣˘)

  4. @ Chika, what exactly did she say to suggest she has a good sense of humor? Abi na style to register your interest?lolz...I've been cracking my head trying to figure what "in between" is. The only thing on my head is the relationshhip where something must be in between something. Am I right?

  5. Lol! Una too like fine girls kai! Even u SonOfMan

  6. Nice 1! Wow!! @inbetween datz a nice 1 girl! Keepin it real! Loving dis geh

  7. Ąll is perfect but dis inbetween!!!keep it real dear

  8. For 2moro's Pic of the day, a guy is coming up,kindly send all questions you want him to answer at crunchyapple101@gmail.com

  9. Lovely pics. But what's inbetween.hummm never heard of it. Lol. This is new.

  10. Crunchy wait first make we admire this one finish biko. Leave tomorrow things. Lolz

  11. Sobe nwa m has always been a fun, beautiful happy soul and u should see her dance......as she winds, grinds and then tops it off with a dazzling smile (that will make u the guy smile like a bbq xmas he-goat) u just cant help but love her.

    Go Sobe!!!!!! And for those wey just dey hear of "inbetween", i have one question......R u a learner? :P

    Crunchy, guy echi? hmmm, i dey watch u with corner corner eye o!

    1. Lol yes guy today, send in your questions biko

  12. For guy? abeg tell Sobe to send me her nos as i loss am when my phone crash....fash, i go chat am for bbm