Friday, 13 September 2013

Picture Of The Day: Doyin Ubani

Name: Doyin Ubani
Interests:  Travelling
Hobbies: Makeup
Rel Status: Married
Occupation:  Makeup Artist
Dream Job:   No dream job biko  
What made you choose your hubby above others?:  I chose my hubby cos God told me he will be my hubby
Do you believe that the missionary style is the only acceptable and godly style for intercourse?: No
What hobbies would you encourage your kids to take up:   Creativity, Music, Arts  
Would you teach your kids sex education graphically and practically? :  I will teach my kids what the bible says about sex
Ever done drugs?: No Drugs
What would you do if you found you’re your son/daughter is gay?:  Hmmmmm, this is where my psychology profession will come in... But as for now, I'll skip
What’s your opinion of present day single women?: 
Don't see any difference between single girls of my single days and single girls of these days, all the same!
Find Doyin:  @Chloes_Makeover


  1. Very good and a diplomatic way of answering questions.

  2. Fine woman...known her from a very remote distance. didn't know she had a godly side...that's nice.

    1. Wait o! All these while you only saw the satanly side?

  3. Is satanly the opposite of godly? Nekwanum anya o...this girl wan involve me hia.

  4. She is the beautiful wonderful wife of my guy.........the reason he always rushes home from work....lucky man