Sunday, 29 September 2013

Happy 63rd Nwami Ukwu

When i think of the attributes that sets you apart, i think of :
Patience ( I keep asking God for your kind of patience with people, circumstances and relationships because i don't have it)
Be able to put that sweet smile in place in the face of difficulties and challenges.

I remember you narrating the adventures of Mallam Illia while cutting vegetables in the kitchen and teaching me the hausa word "Sokugo" which means wandering disease, (Does that equate madness? lol)
I remember the songs you taught me from books,showing me how to write the number "8" when i was in  nursery because i used to write it as two zeros, with one zero on top of the other. Thanks to you being a Teacher

I remember all the Mill& Boons novels i borrowed from classmates in secondary school which you tore because i wasn't reading my books and was neglecting my chores at home and how you ended up  being the one to borrow novels from people which you brought back for me to read.

All those boys you chased away because you felt i was too young and boys and girls had no business being friends. ( Mummy you spoilt my market o! )

Sorry for all the small small cash i cornered from that red kit you'd refused to throw away. Hope i've paid back in full?

Everyday i ask myself, should anything happen to you what will i do? how will i cope? the mere though of it gives me the chills but i pray you  hang around for a very long time.

With you, i need no alarm clock because you wake me up every morning with your calls, sometimes i appreciate them and other times, they are just annoying. Reduce the early morning calls biko and on no account must you call me on sunday morning to check if i've gone to church, i've learnt to switch off my phones on sunday mornings lol!.

Ok enough of my ramblings, here's wishing you a hearty 63rd birthday Nwami Ukwu, I Love You From Here To The Moon And Back..........


  1. Happy birthday Ma'am God bless you richly

  2. Wonderful Post.. great words. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy birthday Nne Oma, u will live long and well to eat the good fruits of ur labour, In Jesus Name, Amen