Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Aren't You Judging Lagos Girls Unfairly?

Was really amused listening to Rainbow FM’s debate on “Local vs City Love” a few days ago. Majority of the guys who called in were rooting for local love, citing hilarious reasons ranging from less expenses, complications and drama and it got me thinking about unfair stereotypes heaped on the typical city girl out there. Take for example a Lagos chic.

A Lagos chic is viewed with suspicion, she’s seen as a pocket assassin who would go to any length to get all the comfort life has to offer even if it means her being morally bankrupt which most times isn’t the case. Methinks she should be assessed and judged like her male counterpart, someone who has travelled beyond rivers and bridges just to hustle in Lagos.

Whatever happened to giving the goose and gander equal measure?  Or am I getting it wrong? Is there more to being a Lagos girl that I’m not privy to? Why Una Dey Fear Lagos Girls? Dem Do Pass "Una" ?


  1. Most times, yes, them do pass us. I have been told PHC has same issue.

    But alas, the nos of good ones are eclipsed by the bad so much that it is easy to stereotype.

    In these days of economic hardship, guys dey shine eye well well. Dont get us wrong, we don't want no "mgbeke from villa", what we want is that woman best described by Ludacris as "A lady in the streets but a freak in da bed"......just a lil bit of both, best in small small doses. we want you to want things we CAN provide but not to demand things we CAN'T.....

    Boys 11 Men, r not smiling

  2. Who say so? Port harcourt girls worse pass abeg!!! Na oil money wey dey tempt them abeg!!! Local girls are more. Willing to commit mkpu than lagos girls. Lagos girls have become wise so they know what's up. Local girls aren't so they wanna be city girls overnight. Lagos girls were once local girls u know except for those who were born in lagos, the real lagos ajebutters!!! These girls are not like the waka come lagos girls. Lagos ajebutters are good but well exposed!!!! I like lagos girls pass local girls cos I can't deal with a naïve woman!

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  4. I DEY fear Lagos chicks ooooooooooooooo, i heard 99.999999% of power failure is caused by Lagos girls with the aid of NEPA/PHCN staff. (am yet to ascertain this)

  5. There's nothing wrong with Lagos chics...village ones sef dey get drama sef...

    1. Bros, me dey avoid village ones cos dem gbege even worse pass...even if e cheap pass

  6. The people rooting for Village girls might marry their village damsel and continue to cheat on her with the sophisticated Lagos babe!