Thursday, 15 August 2013

Ladies If You Don’t Know Those Basic Moves When It Comes To S*x, This Is For You

I’ve heard plenty times that when it comes to sex, it’s moves are as ancient as time which is never taught, it just comes naturally.

 I don’t know how true that statement is considering I’ve also heard men say some women are kinda lazy in bed, they just lie almost comatose in bed like a log , but whichever way, here’s a video to help those sisters out. Watch and learn!


And guys no snide comments else I’ll burst your nuts.


  1. God dey watch una o!

  2. Nice move but not for all!

  3. No comments...Skuri

  4. great one crunchy. Hoped u self dey practice am o o . Just curious

  5. Yes, a woman should also know what she wants while having sex, not lying there frigid and allowing the man to move her body around while she screams and moans. She needs to take control too. But do you blame them, some myopic men would label dem ashawo's or prostitutes. Hmmm, me I go allow my woman do me o! She give me, I give am back!

  6. I agree wit u! @ mybiz.