Saturday, 27 July 2013

What Do Your Kids Do Behind Closed Doors?

We all played ‘house’ at some point while growing up, you know that ‘Mama and Papa’ stuff and for most it was just an innocent game. How far did you go with the game?

I think it’s time you get serious about who your kids play with, what games they play,where they play these games and  what they watch?  If for nothing else, at least for your own peace of mind. 

It took me days to have the courage to post this picture and i even had to blot off some parts so kindly don't make this a blog fanfare and i apologise for its explicitness. At the same time, this is a reality check for parents.

And i’m so curious to know who took this picture.


  1. I've seen that picture long time ago, my guess is, it's a pervert shooting kids porn, the way they are positioned is too professional, what do kids that age know? Parents should be careful who the leave their kids with, parents should really pay attention to their kids, expecially the female, when she's withdrawn, there might be an uncle somewhere molesting her

  2. This is shocking! I have thought of all sorts of possibilities as regards this picture because I can't imagine kids abusing themselves this way. Whoever took his time to snap this picture is sick and has a hand in what's going on and as a parent I have been jolted to the reality of what might happen to my kids if I cease to be as alert as I am and for that I say a BIG thank you to Estelle for blogging about this.

  3. It's too painful for to comment bt all I can say is that the owner of the outstretched legs is not a rookie in the game. Parents shine ur eyes on who plays game inside the room with your children.....always Aunty Nnenna.

  4. I think modern parents share a great portion of the blame. In our days you dare not touch a girl's hands (worse touch any sexual part of her body). She will scream blue murder and the whole community will hear. Its left for you to defend yourself that you only touched her hands! Touching boys didn't go unnoticed too. Parents have totally lost the relationship that should exist between them and the children. In our days we didn't have the casual friendship some modern parents try to build with their children but if it doesn't work, try putting fear in them! Whichever works! When they grow older you can soften it but as long as they are growing children, do whatever it takes to raise un-defiled, responsive and responsible children.

  5. Someone just drew my attention to the fact that these are all boys.... Homosexuals in the making?

  6. This is pure evil. We've all lost the values we used to have. Smh