Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sunday Sermon According To Madam Kemi Olunloyo


 A day that God will punish a lot of  people. Everyone involved in the meeting and moving of a jailed Nigerian to a place promising him freedom. Whether u are American or Nigerian, I am both. God will exert the WRATH on you and who you worked for that day and WHY?

My father knew what was about to happen and told his roommate at Confab Oluwole Awolowo but neither could get to the victim. Read my father's speech at Woles funeral laying in state at the newsroom. (A dirge to Wole Awolowo)

What the Americans and the Nigerians involved did on that day will be punished by the utimate judge...GOD

#RIP Chief Moshood Abiola.
Died July 7th 1993.
An American stungun the size of a lipstick killed him by the five star general who accompanied Susan Rice that day. It happened in the part where Abiola was left with those 3 ppl he had never seen before. !Thr Americans. He thought he was getting freed. Yes he worked for the CIA for years during the oil boom and they rewarded him with ITT TELECOMMUNICATIONS but why was he killed JULY 7th?

BTW..while Im at it, u may as well boycott RICE eating tomorrow and drink ur tea.

Remember July 7th 1993. 20 years ago. MKO was #MURDERED!

The voice of Nigeria even if it means getting killed. I will
not be intimidated. Nigerias first female PRESIDENT.


  1. May his soul continue to rest in peace.

  2. MKO died in 1998 not 1993.

    1. For getting that date wrong casts serious doubt on the whole story.

  3. Crunchyapple, ask am now, shebi una be 5&6? :P

    1. What!!!! You want the woman to tell me the story of my life? Lol! Tufiakwa!

  4. Looooool! So you get pesin wey you dey fear?

  5. For the very first time, Auntie Kemi's saying the truth but the second part*** 1st Female President ***Who & Who are going to vote? Kojoooooo! Mama B!