Friday, 28 June 2013

While We Wait…..

Nelson Mandela has had more deaths on social media than he ever had on Robben Island and these deaths have all been based on unsubstantiated rumours.

If you must know, Madiba, according to Jacob Zuma is responding to treatment and I do want to believe that he’s fine and not worry that Zuma may just be trying to stay positive considering the typical South African unwillingness to mention death until its actual occurrence. And while we all wait, South Africans have been holding vigils outside his home in Soweto.

I’m always in awe when I think of all the travails the man has been through and I can only pray for a quick and painless passage for him which got me thinking that while South Africans are praying for the recovery of their leader, Nigerians are praying for the demise of their own.

How many of our past and present leaders if given the chance would Nigerians go out of their way to accord similar respect? Someone who you know has given selflessly of himself to Nigeria as an entity not minding his tribal extraction?

None I can think of, if you know any do share with me….


  1. Akuko! Which of dem has gone out of dia selfish interest to protect us?...does selfless service exist in our books,the few good men we have are muscled out of leadership positions by d plenteous corrupt eggs

    1. Those are the right words- 'muscled out'.They teach us something else in schools, we see another in reality.

  2. Take note that it's not only South Africans that are praying for the recovery of Madiba, but the entire continent and I even dare to say the whole world, including me.
    This is simply because Mandela fought for the freedom of his people, went to jail for this course, came out to serve as their president, at which time the whole world thought he was going to go for a revenge mission against the white South africans, but he chose to run a regime based on unifying the South African people, on top of that he ran a government based on intergrity, the rule of law and transparency...all in one term (even when South Africans wouldn't have complained if he did more terms in office.
    And you ask how many of our past and present leaders would Nigerians go out of their way to accord similar respect?.....I say NONE, because they are all full of lies, deceit, selfishness and every negative word you can think of. What we have always had in Nigeria are rulers and not leaders, because a good leader should be willing to serve his people with intergrity.
    I rest my case here because I can go on and on.

  3. My answer is none. how many of our past and present government has ruled this country based transparency, intergrity. how many has fought for the poor citizen of this great country "Nigeria". Rather they fight for own selfish and wicked interest. God help us all

  4. Make all of ours die a slow and painful death. Yes, i said it

  5. For leadership of Nigeria, we have had none but we have actually had pseudo leaders and business men who have tried to hook up to the nigerian sentiments. We have one now who is a complete and completed failure.He was never prepared for leadership and feels that leadership is moi moi. We can adopt Mandela as a leader for Nigeria because at least now he is in coma and cant refuse when we claim so.

  6. Only if our leaders know that Ezi afa ka ego (good name is better than money). Before the confederations cup final y/nyte the brazillians and spanish players took time to sign a huge jersey in support of Madiba. Obama visited and had to see him, Madiba is so an icon that people all over the world study him and when they see him its like all their dreams have come true (ask former tennis world number 1 Roger Federer).
    I ask myself,our leaders o, una no dey see? I wonder the crop of humanity we came out from.
    Nigerian leader ke, load of rubbish... I dnt even say the prayer for Nigeria in distress self cos God ma don tire...
    Our leaders ke, money money money, that will perish but the name, it leaves on. Swift recovery Madiba