Sunday, 16 June 2013

Happy Fathers' Day

Fathers are not just sperm donors, because they do not host the fetus does not mean they are not doing their bit if not more. Fatherhood comes with a lot of decisions, sacrifices and responsibilities. Men are not known to wear their emotions on their sleeves like women but in their own queer way, they really do love and care for us.

Crunchy's Late Daddy (a.k.a- Negro)

Mine was no different, but he was super playful, crazy and naughty. A veteran footballer and Benson and Hedges most valuable customer lol!.

So here’s wishing all fathers out there the best of today and always, may you live long to reap the reward of the sacrifices you've all made and may your children love you as much as I loved mine.

Happy Fathers' Day 


  1. BH? We are member of same brand, he would love my company, if alive, lol

  2. Happy Fathers Dad to all the men..Dads now and Dads someday. May God continue to guide y'all as u play ur roles as fathers. Also to d women who double as Dad/Mum..God bless u too..xx

  3. My heart goes out to y'all whose daddys have fallen asleep in death cos I know that you must miss him everyday not just on Father's Day.
    Please find solace in his promises at John 5:28 and 29 and look forward to when you shall reunite with them.

    ** superb write up as always, Estelle. I feel like I knew your dad with the little details you gave here.

  4. Fantastic post!!

    Nnene K. M

    1. Just remembered our training sessions at the field with him lol!