Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Avoiding Ice And Clots

 I've always heard people talk about the hazards of iced water but I was never  interested enough to ask for  details or even read it up until I had a chat today with a physiotherapist that comes to the house to work on an aged aunt.

The koko is that when you drink iced water or any other kind of fluid; you have created a basis for chronic diseases. Take for example, go to the market, get a bowl of cow blood and drop a cube or two of ice into the warm blood, instantly it clots up, becomes sticky and jelly like, this is what happens to your blood when you drink cold stuff, it thickens your blood, overworks your heart in pumping blood because your blood isn't coursing all over your body like it should.
Normal Blood
When you take cold fluids habitually, you tend to experience some level of numbness around some body parts like your hands, feet and even your toenails lose their natural shine. It's even more precarious for women in the sense that the blood clots when passing through the fallopian tube makes menstruation more painful because it tends to block the tubes which is also a huge factor leading to fibroid.

Finally, it's also responsible why it's difficult for your man's tadpoles to swim upstream, instead they swim downstream and out ( go figure).
Clotted Blood

I hope I got everything  he said right but I've got two readers who are doctors and may want to tell us more.

Personally, it's going to be  a hard one but I'm going to try and i hope you do too. Let's try and abstain for a month and assess the difference, if you usually experience painful menstruation, maybe it will help make the pain go away.

I know there are people who have prior knowledge of this but for some like me who didn't know prior to this write up, it's worth a try, you have more to gain than lose.

Stay Blessed.


  1. In this hot weather? Abeg Estelle, ABEGI! The only thing I've noticed is that whenever I restrain myself from that luxury for a couple of weeks, my belle becomes flat.

  2. I've heard about taking cold drinks after meals thereby clogging your system. Reason why the Chinese and Asians generally take tea after meals but drinking warm water right after a hot day in the Lagos traffic? It's gonna be by special mighty ness oh!
    Thanks all the same. It's worth sharing

  3. so i should stick to cold Guinness? Yes o, shayo must flow

    1. HmMmmmm... Its gona b hard tho buh I must minimise.