Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Year Of No Bullshits

Like everyone, I made some new year resolutions at the beginning of the year and like most people I’ve not gone 2/3 of the areas of my life I mapped out to work on. First of all I promised myself I was going to be a good girl this year ,note that I’ve amended my blog address ( no more sounds like I’m blogging from yaba left), I said no more “Hanky Panky” this year (I’ll leave you to deduce what that means). Ehen, I also said I won’t tolerate bullshits this year, this area I know I’ve been doing pretty well though it can be a lonely choice but like my younger sister would always tell me, “ O ga ghi adi gi de” meaning ( It won’t tarry for long). We’ve been told that when people are born, they come with behaviourial traits passed down through the genes but at the same time, there are environmental factors which are forever in conflict and fighting for dominance with our inbuilt mannerisms. It takes discipline, focus and die hard tenacity to help keep us on track of the goals we’ve set for ourselves. The month of May is already gone minus a couple of days, bet it’s time to do a rundown assessment of how far you’ve come. What were your resolutions? How well have you been sticking to them? Which have you achieved and which have you failed so far? You can share some of yours, I just did, don’t forget you can hide behind the anonymous platform, that’s your crunchy immunity if you’d prefer to hide your identity. Happy Democracy Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I'm here dear as you requested for me to visit your blog

  2. Well, I thought I would be celibate by now. Nature just wouldn't let me. Organic matter! Flesh!! The nerves!!! "Akwara"!!!! Life's a bitch...


    1. hahahahahaha! Sypho without seeing your name, immediately i saw akwara, i knew you were the one. no one stresses akwara the way you do.

  3. I dont make resolutions. Every day is a new day to be experienced. Life is too dynamic to be restricted by resolution. Each day has an achievable plan but no iron clad resolution. Nothing is resolved until it is accomplished.

  4. Living one day at a time so no need for resolutions!

  5. OluwaToyin Margaret29 May, 2013 09:54

    I don't make resolutions jare...

  6. I still have hope resolution date hasn't elapsed, so...I'm still on the discipline part dey difficult

  7. Chris Aguocha, Esq.29 May, 2013 18:55

    I have been excellent at keeping my new year's resolution, because I have no resolution.

  8. I've got none too, one day at a time.