Tuesday, 21 May 2013

What's In A Name?

What's in a name?I've heard that question for as long as I can remember but I've never attributed it to myself. From all intents and purposes, a name is everything, its your identity, its what you profess, its how people relate and address you. I tried analysing the word "crazy" and I came up with: "causes you to suffer self conciousness in new situations and an inability to be diplomatic when situations warrant. Makes me remember what I was taught in school about self fulfilling prophesy and labelling and I sure don't want to go that route. Therefore I'm going to lay to rest the "doncraze" in my blog address and this has been replaced with"101", let me be a good girl for once and someone please tell my friend Chyke that I've mended my ways, he has to go source for another musketeer. Please if you've already bookmarked my page, kindly edit it to: www.crunchyapple101.blogspot.com and if you haven't, do you want goat egg and pounded salad before you do? lol!


  1. Hmmmm.d fact that u change ur name can't stop u from bn crazy. But love u all d same.

  2. Ok crunchyapple is no longer crazy ok welldone. DS

  3. Ehehehehahahakiki, what really is in a name? I like the crazy you.

  4. A rose by any other names will smell as sweet.......whether u be 101 or 212 (Carolina Herera) u r still a certified fellow kolo :p


    I am wating for my goat egg and salad o!

  5. Hahahhahhahahah thank God my sister is no longer crazy oooo

  6. This is simply amazing!! Xngs noted

  7. if u really truly want to get beta as in cure ur crazy first of all remove that ur willy willy pix!

  8. OluwaToyin Margaret21 May, 2013 16:14

    No longer crazy?? With Kezie still in your life? *smh*

  9. Nice post and nice new name. Although I must admit I liked Crunchy's Musings :-)

    Nnene K. M

    1. Crunchy's Musings is same, only changed the web address