Saturday, 25 May 2013

Islamophobia On The Rise After Woolwich Attack

Attacks on Muslims have increased sharply after the woolwich murder, amid a series of arrests linked to the backlash. Faith Matters, an organisation that works to reduce extremism, said more than 160 incidents had been reported to its helpline since Drummer Lee Rigby's killing on Wednesday. That compared to the average of four to eight cases a day reported to the group before the attack. Fiyaz Mughal, from Faith Matters relayed "There's been a substantial spike (in reports of Islamophobia). "They range from general abuse to visible Muslims on the street, to graffiti at mosques, through to a firebomb at a mosque. "I guess in all of this scenario, the individuals who killed Lee said they wanted a war and we don't want to go down that route so we're asking for cool and calm heads."


  1. The Michael dude made a mistake that I knew will bring these kind of attacks. Now, those who listen sermons should learn to use what they hear 'positively'. Hate preachers should no longer be tolerated-they are like a time bomb. OSMG

  2. Would they ever hear? Tomorrow we'll hear another one