Thursday, 23 May 2013

Chief John Okiyi Kalu Responds To General Muhammadu Buhari (Re: Buhari Asks Jonathan To Resign Over Insecurity ).

Only those who don't know Buhari will be bothered. That guy has near zero tolerance for democratic practices and systems. He only sees democracy as a possible route to power that he covets more than anything else. Nigerians should thank God the man is no longer in the military. Otherwise...."fellow countrymen following the insurgency in the north and the inability of President Jonathan to contain it with military dispatch and impunity, we have decided to save the country blah blah". Those with myopia will clap! Fact 1. Buhari's military and Shagari's civilian regimes killed over 5000 Islamic insurgents known then as Maitatsine. Under Buhari's watch the Maitatsines decimated by Shagari resurrected again and held the country to ransom for months. Their leader was killed exactly same way Yaradua killed Yusuf of Boko Haram. 2. Fact number 2: Buhari's Katisina has always been a breeding ground for islamic extremists and as recently as last week 10 Boko Haram fighters were killed in Buhari's hometown Daura. 3. Buhari was once quoted (he said misquoted) as having asked Muslims to only vote muslims and not accept leadership of unbelievers in Nigeria. It took more than 8 years for Buhari to clarify that report. And that's because it was used against him during an election round. Can you guess why he never bothered with clarification for so long? Before you make the guess, think about Mallam Shekau of Boko Haram saying that Jonathan must convert or resign. If you misquote me on an issue that aligns with my private view, I just won't bother clarifying in a hurry and risk mixed messages to my fellowers that I have already mobilized. 4. Is a military head of state removed from office without a shot being fired actually strong with security? At least bullets were fired to remove Shagari but guns were threatened, not even brought out and Buhari went back to Daura to pray and mobilize Almajirins. When did he become a security expert please? 5. Why is Buhari scared of condemning Boko Haram and using strong language like "dogs and baboons" to describe them? Does he not see them as dogs and baboons whose blood should be shed for Nigeria to have peace? 6. Doesn't this quote expose Buhari's mindset? “When the Niger Delta militants started their activities in the South-South, they were invited by the late President Umaru Yar’adua. An aircraft was sent to them and their leaders met with the late President in Aso Rock and discussed issues. They were given money and a training scheme was introduced for their members. But when the Boko Haram emerged in the north members of the sect were killed,” Please why did Buhari kill over 3000 Maitatsine sect members instead of sending aircrafts to them and/or arranging money/training for them? Could it be a sign of metarmorphosis from national leader to a sectional islamist leader? Or was he always that way and IBB was right when he overthrew him and alleged religious intolerance in high places during Buhari's regime? By the way, didn't Yaradua attack the militants before sending "aircrafts" to them? Did Buhari complain when Camp 5, Escravos, Warri, Odi, Okochiri etc were leveled by Yaradua? 7. “In Bama and Baga towns, military personnel were reported to have been engaged in extortion and sometimes Molesting of women. And because a soldier was killed in Baga the whole town was sacked by military. This is not the best way military should have acted when they were sent to restore law and order in a town. How can a responsible government allow its people to be killed in this way,” Really, did Buhari say this? Can he explain how over 5000 Maitasine fighers and civilians were killed in 1984? 8. “Whoever is sent toprotect people should also protect their integrity." Is this line not an attempt to divide the military and cause blue on blue actions? 9. "And even during civil war we that fought in the war were given a copy of code of conduct bookwhich guided us against killing innocent people" Really General Buhari? How do you explain the death of over 3m civilians during the war including those massacred after the war? General sir, what happened at Asaba, Benin and Calabar between 1969 and 70? Were those massacred in cold blood dogs and baboons? Haba Mallam! Let me just say that our President have "spoken", the national assembly "sparked" and the people are speaking. We are watching the unfolding drama including the Daura Boko Haram conflict with the military. A little explanation on how those terrorists were incubated in Daura will be welcomed. But by and large, while we don't know who will be Nigeria's President in 2015 we know who will NEVER be Nigeria's President. He also knows himself and is welcome to carve out a niche for himself among terrorists."


  1. And some are still looking for the Messianic figure in Nigeria. The search continues.

  2. Buhari, he who is without sin, cast first stone......GEJ no strong i gree but.............

  3. Its very unfortunate that this unknown, unliberated and tribalistic Kalu could be talking with both sides of his mouth having been fed with the crumbs from JEGs table.
    What legacy will JEG point to if he leaves office today. Buhari's regime started amongst many others the WAI that has been renamed environmental sanitation today. The whole of this country could have been as filthy as hell. GEJ sometimes ago was saying he's not a tiger, lion etc to have curtailed Boko Haram. Why did he now turned overnight. And since the onslaught on the dare devils a few days ago,the noise on their exploits has ceased. Let the obscure Kalu go to where his likes like Chinua Achebe has gone. Arch tribalist.