Thursday, 24 February 2011

Leaving My Comfort Zone.........

I’m aware that a lot of people would be surprised when they see this while others will just say “at last”, which ever group you belong to, just for you to know that I’ve finally made up my mind to try my hands at writing something other than jokes and burning issues on facebook.

They say procrastination is the thief of time to which I fully attest to. For years, I’ve been planning and promising that I was going to sharpen my writing skills and focus my energy into (what I don’t even know sef) but busybody no let me siddon one place.

For years I’ve been perceived in so many ways due to the information and topics I’ve posted on facebook, I’ve been a comedian, relationship expert, feminist and all sorts to you and right now, I look forward to being all that and more on a larger scale, therefore I’d appreciate your inputs and comments on this forum.

Personally, this is a major step because i'm so hoping it will help me discover myself and what I can do for myself outside my monotonous 8-5 job. So here I am, trying to do just that and I do hope you’ll make it easy for me and fun at the same time.

Let’s go there!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Good, this is how houses are built and estates made,one stone at a time,you will lay foundation and even grow stronger.

    Good Luck and God's grace

  2. Way to go Estelle! You have my support.

  3. I am not surprised, am just miffed you intend stopping at this since February!

    This is July, by my count and possible notation, this blog should at least have an average of over 24 write-ups by now if we go by the rate of a-post-a-week!

    This is comely and a very beautiful beginning. You have it in you and the more you put a little effort in it the more I see you being creative with your writing, either, you are writing as a feminist, comedian or whatever....lolz!

    My challenge to you is to keep surprising yourself....

    One of my mentors says and I quote: "Whatever the mind of a man can conceive and believe is achievable through a positive mental attitude." - W. Clement Stone