Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Is The Working Class Same As Middle Class?

I was on my cold bed jeje and my friend Samiat sent me a message on whatsapp, what I could decipher from her questions were: 1. Who are the middle class in Nigeria? 2. Can the working class be equated with middle class? 3. Are they facing any prevailing challenges? 4. If yes, what are these challenges 5. How can the government help ease these challenges? For me, I told her : 1. They are perpetually under pressure from unrealistic expectations at work. 2. Housing policies need to be reviewed 3. Tax system should be checked too (especially Lagos) 4. Are their future properly insured by the companies where they work? Are their pension funds being channeled and managed appropriately? I may have told her a lot of sweet nonsense so I’m going to let you share your thoughts with us, maybe you’ll do more justice to these questions. Peace…..

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